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Ball transfer replacement

$ 24.99

This ball transfer is the one used in the original Core-Tex.  It can be used with the new Core-Tex RT and Core-Tex Dual, but all 3 ball transfers should be replaced with the same type. Do not mix and match the different ball transfers. 

This ball transfer is more sensitive than the ball transfers shipping with next generation Core-Tex.  Increased sensitivity=increased difficulty.  This ball transfers also produces a more audible sound than those used in the new Core-Tex RT and Dual.

Who should buy these replacements?

Anyone with the original Core-Tex design who has lost or damaged ball transfers.  

Or anyone who wants the platform of the Core-Tex RT or Dual to be even more responsive and does not mind the increased sound. 

Shipping is available to the United States and Canada.  If you are outside those regions, please contact for assistance with the closest Core-Tex dealer to you. 

Shipping is provided by UPS.

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